Online Database Access

ZeusDB Online database
Manage your data in the cloud
Realize the benefits of storing your business critical data in the cloud
  • Access data from anywhere
  • Easily scalable for future growth
  • Consolidate multiple data sources
  • Synchronize disparate data
  • Reduce spreadsheet risk

ZeusDB Online Database Access

Managing data effectively remains one of the biggest challenges faced by many organizations. Sound data management is crucial in creating and maintaining successful business practices. With access to a ZeusDB Online Database organizations can utilize cloud technology to enhance their data management capabilities.

Access Anywhere

One of the major benefits of managing data in the cloud is accessibility. ZeusDB users can access their data on-demand from any point around the globe that is connected to the internet. We actively support real-time access to business critical data that allows organizations to make informed and timely decisions.

Scalability of Resources

Managing data in the cloud also offers substantial benefits in reducing IT costs relating to infrastructure, resources and on-going capacity upgrades. Our data services provide organizations with minimal setup costs and the ability to scale resources to match current and future requirements.

Data Consolidation

Many organizations have varying degrees of information stored across multiple data sources. ZeusDB specializes in strategically consolidating multiple data sources to reduce unnecessary duplication and improve overall data quality.

Data Synchronization

Multiple users creating different versions with varying formats can lead to significant issues in accessing up-to-date and accurate data. At ZeusDB we focus on bringing together disparate data systems to manage data more efficiently and create a consolidated ‘Single Source of Truth’.

Reduce Spreadsheet Risk

Spreadsheets are an incredibly powerful, convenient and flexible tool for analyzing data. Many companies remain reliant on them to organize and store data. Our online database services can assist organizations manage their data more holistically and reduce any potential spreadsheet risk.

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