Business Applications

ZeusDB Step into the cloud
Increasing Business Efficiency
Individually designed applications to improve overall business efficiency
  • 100% custom built applications
  • Zero infrastructure requirements
  • Collaborative development process
  • Key focus on end-user experience
  • Multichannel capabilities

ZeusDB Business Applications

Organizations of all sizes face the on-going challenge of driving business performance while reducing costs. ZeusDB specializes in building cloud-based business applications specifically designed to refine critical business processes, enhance operational efficiency and improve overall productivity.

Fully Customized Applications

At ZeusDB, we understand that every organization is unique and operates differently according to its business environment. To maximize the value for our customers all applications are custom designed to incorporate the specific needs required to meet their business objectives.

Zero Infrastructure Requirements

One of the major benefits of cloud computing are the relative cost savings associated with IT infrastructure. Projects no longer require a large capital outlay for technology in order to get started. As our applications are cloud based, organizations do not require any costly infrastructure to start transforming their business.

Collaborative Development Process

In order to produce the best application possible we believe strongly in collaborating extensively with our customers during each stage of the development process. ZeusDB Cloud Application Development Lifcycle Actively engaging with our customers before, during and after every project has many benefits and leads to better business outcomes.

Enhancing the User Experience

An often overlooked factor in the success of any IT application is the end user experience. How users perceive and interact with an application plays an important role in its overall effectiveness. We focus on bringing together key attributes such as ease of use, aesthetics and feature functionality to enhance the overall user experience.

Multichannel capabilities

Advances in technology have led to significant changes in the way and means in which people access information. At ZeusDB we can assist organizations devise multichannel strategies for applications across a multitude of desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

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