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What’s in a name – The meaning of ZeusDB

What’s in a name – The meaning of ZeusDB

One of the most frequent questions we receive from both individuals and business alike (who haven’t seen one of our corporate presentations) is what does the name “ZeusDB” mean. The best way to answer this is to share the process on how we actually came up with the name.

Choosing a business name is one of the most critically important yet difficult decisions a company can make. Our case was no different. Before we began brainstorming for ideas we set out three basic prerequisites that the name had to meet in order to be considered a possibility: –

     1.    The name had to be less than 8 characters in length;
     2.    The .com domain suffix for the name had to be available (quite rare these days); &
     3.    It had to convey or show some connection to the underlying activity of the company.

The last point was especially critical to us. We wanted a name that had a subtle hint as to our underlying business activities.

The company was established with the primary goal of assisting organizations more effectively access and manage their data. The fundamental building blocks that provided us the capabilities to do this as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model were “Cloud Databases”.

ZeusDB Cloud Diagram 1

Thus, we began researching and brainstorming ideas for names that centered around the terms cloud (short for cloud computing) and databases.

Unfortunately, we found that there aren’t a lot of suitable names, variations or synonyms that accurately reflect the concept of cloud computing. As a result, we decided to look at the term “cloud” more holistically and not just from a technical point of view.

By chance we happened to stumble upon a line from Homer’s The Iliad – “…Zeus who gathereth the clouds…“. In Greek mythology Zeus was the ruler of the skies who presided over the rain, lightning, thunder and the clouds.

From that point on we would use the name Zeus to represent our presence in the cloud.

The next challenge was how to incorporate the database inference with the term Zeus. The obvious choice of “Zeus Database” was deemed to be too long at 12 characters (13 with the space). The solution to this proved to be quite simple. A common acronym used to signify the term for database is DB.

When we married the two terms up we arrived at ZeusDB! The domain was available and the rest as they say is history.

The whole process of naming a company was extremely interesting and surprisingly challenging. In the end, the name ZeusDB was derived through a combination of Greek mythology and technical jargon.

However to us, the name represents the company’s connection to the power of cloud computing.

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