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Hello, world! Welcome to ZeusDB

Hello, world! Welcome to ZeusDB

We are really excited to announce the publication of our first post (this one) on the new ZeusDB Corporate Blog. In choosing what to include in our very first post we decided to explain a little bit more about the company and why we (finally) created this blog.


Typically enough, ZeusDB began as an idea – to make organizational life easier and more productive through utilizing a combination of data analytics and technology. To put it another way, coming up with alternatives to help businesses reduce inefficient work practices.

The underlying belief was that good analytics and a healthy dose of common sense would go a long way in improving any business process. High-quality analytics requires many things but at its core is easy access to clean, efficient and organized data. To achieve this we needed a technology enabler. Enter the cloud.

Now a mainstream business buzzword, the cloud (when utilized appropriately) is a game changer. It enables (again when utilized properly) businesses of any size rapid access to technological capabilities that were once only available to the very few.

For us it provides an exceptional platform to offer individual access, storage, organization and analysis of business data. We were in effect offering a type of Database as a Service (DBaaS). However, access to this rich data source still required programming knowledge such as SQL.

The next logical step was to provide an interface that allowed organizations to get their own information faster and easier. However, with a one size fits all or cookie cutter approach we were not going to achieve our goal. Organizations wanted dynamic solutions designed around their needs not the other way around.

Thus our current approach of building individually tailored and customized applications was born. This definitely requires a strong focus on engaging with customers to understand their individual needs. It is also a continual challenge from a programming perspective. However, the end result is an application or solution that suits the business needs and adds immediate value.  That is our goal after all.


As mentioned previously, ZeusDB began as an idea. Our hope is that this space will become an avenue for new ideas and thought leadership across a variety of different areas. From Cloud Computing to Management tips. Be prepared for a diverse range of topics.

We want it to be as interactive as possible. We are encouraging people to engage us in conversations, provide feedback, ask follow-up questions and submit topics for discussion.

Over time we would like our blog to become a resource for various business and technical information that benefits both our customers and readers alike. We constantly work with customers who have very innovative ideas that can be shared and applied into other industries. On a lighter side we also want to share musings and updates about the company.

We really hope you enjoy reading our blog!


P.S. To ensure our Blog is a great place for people to contribute their views, please read our Acceptable Use Policy here.

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