About Us

About our company

ZeusDB Cloud

ZeusDB are a provider of integrated web services focused on improving efficiency and adding value through utilizing data more effectively. Our services are specifically designed to assist individuals and organizations solve complex business problems through the application of cloud based technology.

The growing prominence of cloud computing has initiated a major transformation within the global IT industry. By providing scalable resources on demand, minimal capital outlays and lower operating costs, the value proposition created through the use of cloud computing has risen consistently.

Similarly, many businesses are also benefiting substantially through utilizing cloud based systems. Cloud technology provides business units rapid access to IT infrastructure, software and systems that were previously unavailable. It also enables business greater flexibility and control of applications outside of their own IT departments at a greatly reduced cost.

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Company Values

We are strongly committed to the following core values as drivers that determine the way we interact with our customers, stakeholders, partners, governments and the community in general.

Mission Statement
To become a thought leader in supplying cloud based solutions, synonymous with innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Goal
To help our customers excel by providing innovative, flexible and low cost solutions that solve complex business issues.

Our Commitment
To ensure honesty, integrity and value to our customers through a commitment to deliver quality online solutions.

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of innovative cloud based solutions to organizations around the globe.